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Steve Jobs' biography hits the bookstores (2011-10-24) FREE E-Book
Story Children Book - iChild World - Steve Jobs' biography hits the bookstores Walter Isaacson’s long-awaited biography of Steve Jobs goes on sale Monday, and as revealed in Sunday night’s interview with the author on 60 Minutes, it includes many interesting tidbits about the Apple founder. His son is studying oncology because of his father’s illness. His travels to India as a young man got him focused on the power of intuition. And Jobs didn’t put on-off switches on Apple products, in part, because of how he thought about death.
The book also includes a close examination of Jobs’ management style, many aspects of which were well known, even if this is the first time they’ve been shared with the CEO’s blessings. Isaacson, the Aspen Institute president and former Time Magazine editor who was asked by Jobs to write the book, describes Jobs as being “petulant,” “brittle” and “manipulative.” Jobs ignored people’s comments that things couldn’t be done, existing in what employees called his own “reality distortion field.” He was known, Isaacson says, to push employees by exploiting their own “psychological vulnerabilities.” And he could be downright cruel, refusing to match a generous early employee’s offer to extend stock options to a team member, for instance, and hurting people to “achieve catharsis,” as Apple chief of design Jonathan Ive puts it in the book.

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