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Children and Book
Why Majority Children Prefer Gaming Than Reading A Book?
Find out the reasons why children dislike reading
Did you nagged on your children every day, asking them to study? Facing difficulties motivating children to study but when it comes to gaming they are no.1 supporter? Many parents didn’t know their child had used wrong study method and that results them to score badly even though they study very hard. At the end, children just lost interest in study.
Many parents feel helpless when come to children and book. They just fail to cultivate a child that loved to read or a child that willing to pick up books by themselves. Choosing suitable books for children is CRUCIAL to motivate and groom children interest in reading.
Lionel Junior Take Initiative In Study
Lionel Grabiel was really happy that his son takes initiative to study every day. He keep asking for Lionel iPad not for gaming but to read!
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